Having Hope For Mold Remediation

Having Hope For Mold Remediation

Remodeling Ideas For A Mediterranean Style Kitchen

by Christina Ferguson

Mediterranean style kitchens evoke the elegance of Italian design while maintaining a friendly vibe. Open kitchens with lots of sun naturally combine with Mediterranean décor, but any kitchen can benefit from adding Italian-inspired details. Transform your kitchen into a lively space with tile and earth tones.

Earth Tone Palette

Picture a Mediterranean countryside. You probably see rich earth tones with wildflower colors and the deep blue of the sea. That image is the basis for your kitchen décor. The goal is to create an earth-toned backdrop with brighter colors used as accenting.

Hardwood or tiled floors are the foundation. Kitchen cabinets should be natural-colored, preferably a warm wood. Granite countertops with a built-in cutting board also help evoke that earth tone ambience.

When it comes to the walls, there are a few options depending on your space. Open, airy kitchens channel that Mediterranean vibe. If your kitchen isn't constructed that way, opt for white, yellow or warm beige walls that make the space feel more open. Those colors are attractive in an open-design kitchen, but you could also choose deeper earth tones such as adobe or goldenrod without making the space feel small.

Tile Work

Once you've set the backdrop with an earthy or warm palette, add brighter color with your tile work. When it comes to the Mediterranean-inspired kitchen, artistic tiles are the place to really shine, according to Home and Garden TV.

One option is to look for a series of decorative tiles that get incorporated into a backsplash design. For instance, a wide range of hand-painted tile is available in the blues, yellows and greens you see in your mind's eye when you picture that countryside. Alternatively, look for fun tiles with words in Italian, and have them built into your tiled wall.

Mosaic is another tile example that's beautiful in a Mediterranean kitchen. In this case, select three or four hues of green, blue, yellow and beige. Contractors like Quality Floor Covering & Decorating Center Inc use these tiles to create intricate designs. Mosaic can serve as your entire backsplash as a complementary border to larger tiles.

If you like the idea of mosaic but don't want that much color, look for tiles in beveled shapes. For instance, the graceful curves of an arabesque make for beautiful tile work. Contractors can lay these in a monochromatic backsplash that is elegant and understated.

Channel the sophistication combined with cheer that is typical of the Mediterranean as you plan your kitchen. Start with earthy tones in your walls, floors and cabinets. Top these with tile accents in beautiful blues, greens and yellows for a cozy Mediterranean kitchen.


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