Having Hope For Mold Remediation

Having Hope For Mold Remediation

Sun Tunnels Causing Roofing Leaks? Stop The Leaks Now!

by Christina Ferguson

Do you have a sun tunnel bringing sunlight into your home from your roof? Are you experiencing water leakage in the general area of the sun tunnel? If so, it is imperative that you take the time to repair the problem. But, what is causing the problem? Here, you will learn the two most common causes of leaks around sun tunnels to help you pinpoint the exact problem and make the necessary repairs.

Failing Sealant

Over time, sealant can crack or peel away from the sun tunnel. When this happens the water from outside of your home will begin to leak inside. Go to your roof and inspect the sealant around the sun tunnel. If it looks to be slightly cracked, you can probably get away with applying a little more roofing sealant to the area. But, if the sealant looks seriously deteriorated, you will have to chip and peel it all away and apply a fresh coating of sealant.

Note: If you have reapplied sealant previously and the leak has not stopped, do not apply another layer of sealant. Remove the existing sealant and apply a fresh bead around the sun tunnel. More sealant is not always better and it may make it more difficult to stop the leaks.

Flashing Problems

Inspect the flashing around the sun tunnel. If the flashing has become damaged or was not installed properly, it could be letting the water under the shingles on your roof. Once the water is under the shingles, it can seep into your home and cause a great deal of damage.

Note: If attic vents are in the same general area as the sun tunnel, check the flashing and seals on them as well. The water could actually be entering your home through leaks around the attic vents and traveling down the sun tunnel into your home.

Roofing Inspections

If the previous two steps have not stopped the leaking, you must contact a roofing contractor to have the roofing inspected. There could be problems that are not related to the sun tunnel that need to be repaired. Only a professional roofing contractor can locate these trouble-zones and make the necessary repairs.

Sun tunnels are a wonderful way to bring light into an otherwise dark area of your home. Unfortunately, they can lead to some additional steps in yearly maintenance. If you are unable to make these repairs or perform the maintenance yourself, contact your local roofing contractor to schedule repairs.


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