Having Hope For Mold Remediation

Having Hope For Mold Remediation

3 Safety Window Features To Consider When You Need New Windows For Your Home

by Christina Ferguson

When you get new windows for your home, think about the safety of the windows that you are choosing. While traditional windows are just fine, here are 3 features that will make your windows even safer.


First, windows that are fogged or that look blurred are best for bathrooms and rooms that you want to keep private without blinds. Of course, these windows are not always as attractive, so you do not want to put them in every room of the house.

Fogged or iced windows work best near bathtubs, showers, and toilets where the windows are usually much smaller. When you use these windows, one of the best things is that water spots will not be nearly as noticeable because the glass is not clear to begin with. 

Also, these windows are not much more expensive than traditional windows, so you can have what you want without spending too much.


For windows that are in big open areas, tinting can really make a big difference. Tinting will not only prevent the sun from fading your furniture and carpet – it will also give you more privacy.

There are different kinds of tinted windows to choose from, too. For example, some are just dark on the outside, but there are others that actually look reflective and dark on the outside. The reflective windows sometimes look more like mirrors on the outside, but from the inside of your house the windows look fairly normal.

Tinted windows cost a bit more than traditional windows, so this would be a bigger investment. On the other hand, you may not need blinds and tons of drapes in order to give your home the privacy it needs, which in turn will cut down your costs.

In addition to providing more privacy, tinting will also cut down your utility bills because the sun will not be able to heat up your home as much. This means less air conditioning in the summer, more savings, and a more comfortable home.


Second, consider adding child locks to your windows if you have young children. This is especially important in two-story houses because children can open windows and try to climb out. These locks will not only prevent children from climbing out – they can also prevent burglars from entering as easily.

These locks can be installed with the windows, or you can add them later on depending on your needs.

By adding these 3 features, your windows will make your home a much safer and more secure place. Speak with specialists like Screen Masters for more information.


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