Having Hope For Mold Remediation

Having Hope For Mold Remediation

Fixing A Hole In Your Window Screen

by Christina Ferguson

If you have a hole in your window screen, it can be repaired rather easily with a few household materials. In order to avoid having insects come inside your home, you will need to work fast in fixing it. Here are some instructions you can use for window screen repair:

Small Snags

If the hole in your screen is very tiny, it will be able to be fixed using a dab of epoxy or clear nail polish. Both can be added by using a small brush. Simply place the epoxy or nail polish over the affected area until it fills in a few holes in the screen around the ripped portion.

Allow it to dry thoroughly. This will barely be noticeable and will save your screen from ripping further. You can also repair using a window screen repair kit by following the enclosed directions.

Small Holes

If the hole in your screen is small, but bigger than a simple dab-and-go job, you can fix it using another piece of screen. This can be found in any hardware store in the window department. Cut a piece of screen so it is larger than the hole you will be covering. Use some black or gray thread to attach the new screening right over the hole.

Take the screen out of the window in order to do the repair. Thread a needle and weave the new piece of screen on top of the old piece. Leave the end of the thread dangling as you continue weaving in and out around the edges of the new piece of screen until it is completely covering the hole. Cut the thread and tie the ends together so it is secure.

Large Holes

If the hole in your screen is large, you will want to replace the entire piece of screen. Measure the dimensions of the window frame and buy a piece of screening that is an inch longer in width and height. Remove the old screen by prying off any molding with a screwdriver. Underneath you will see that the screen is attached with staples.

Use a staple remover to take out the old screen. Place your new screening inside the frame and staple the edges in place. Fold any excess screen inside the edge area and cover with the molding that you had removed. Next, simply replace the screen in your window. It is now repaired!


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