Having Hope For Mold Remediation

Having Hope For Mold Remediation

Your New Home's Electrical Power Panel And Basic Electrical Problem Troubleshooting

by Christina Ferguson

If you are a new homeowner, then it is vital for you to understand your home's electrical power panel and how it works to control the electrical current flowing on your property. Some common electrical problems around your home are very simple to fix as long as you understand how your home's power panel and its breakers function. While the simple term "electricity" might cause you fear, there is no reason to fear your home's power panel. It is a valuable tool for protecting your home!

Electrical Power Panel Basics

Your home is connected to the national power grid through a high-voltage power line that connects to your home at its power panel. The power line on the side of the electrical company is connected to a local substation, and from there to other grid structures.

On the side of your home, the power line feeds into the power panel, where it then provides power for all of the wiring in your home. Each area of your home or specific large appliances have lines which are connected to the power panel's breakers.

Electrical Power Panel Breakers

The breakers in your home's power panel are simple electronic devices that will terminate their power connection if they detect a power interruption or surge. For example, if you plug in too many appliances in your kitchen for what the wiring can handle, the breaker for your kitchen will flip the power connection off. This is a safety mechanism that prevents electrical fires and electrocution.

Each area of your home will have their own breaker. As well, large appliances like water heaters or clothing dryers will have their own breakers.

Basic Electrical Troubleshooting for All Homeowners

Troubleshooting problems with electrical appliances in your home is simple. If you do not have any power in your home, then you have a problem with your connection to the grid. This typically means that your power company is experiencing an outage or you have forgotten to pay your bill and they have turned off your power. If your whole house has no power, then you should contact your local power company for assistance.

If you have a lack of power to one room or to one appliance, then you should check to see if the breaker has turned off the power to the area. If this is the case, simply flip the breaker back and everything will be fine.

If the breaker flips again or if this is not the problem, then you should hire an electrical contractor like Lowry Services: Electric, Plumbing, Heating & Cooling to come find the source of the problem.

Final Thoughts

Now that you have a clearer understanding of how your new home's power panel functions to protect your home's appliances and lighting from dangerous power fluctuations, you can safely make simple repairs to your home that require turning off the power to the location. You can also check your home's breakers before calling out a professional electrician for assistance, which will save you money and time. If you have additional questions, you should contact a local licensed electrical contractor for help.


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