Having Hope For Mold Remediation

Having Hope For Mold Remediation

How To Install A Sump Pump For Your Crawlspace

by Christina Ferguson

Sump pumps are critical in order to prevent your crawlspace from frequently flooding and growing a layer of mold. This mold and moisture will destroy any personal possessions that are left in the crawlspace, defeating the purpose of using the crawlspace as a storage area. To retake your storage space, follow these steps to install a sump pump.

1. Purchase Materials

First, you are going to need to go to the hardware store and purchase a small sump pump, a sump pump basin that will be able to gather the water, and a bag of aggregate. Also make sure that you have a strong flashlight and plenty of batteries.

2. Get Access to Your Crawlspace

This often means moving a great deal of debris. Clean out your crawlspace to the best of your ability, removing any trash and using a bleach solution to remove any mold.

3. Choose a Location for the Sump Pump

Look at your crawlspace and decide where to put the sump pump. You will want to put it in a location where all of the water will inevitably drain to. Therefore, you need to look for the lowest area in your crawlspace. However, if it is extremely difficult to reach the lowest portion of your crawlspace, you might want to choose an area that is closer to the entrance to the crawlspace in order to put it in a location that is easier to service, even if that area is slightly higher than the lowest point.

4. Start Digging

First, dig a hole for your sump pump basin. It should be deep enough for the sump pump basin to be stabilized, but not so deep that it can't do its job. Make it slightly bigger than need be so that you can put the aggregate in it. Also dig a trench alongside the sump pump hole that will lead directly to it. This will help funnel the water into the sump pump. Line this trench with aggregate.

5. Install Everything

Hook up the sump pump to the sump pump basin and cut a hole in the basin so that the trench will funnel directly into the basin. Place the basin with the sump pump in the hole. Connect the sump pump electrical discharge wire to the nearest electrical source.

For more information or help with this process, contact a company that specializes in crawl space repair.


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