Having Hope For Mold Remediation

Having Hope For Mold Remediation

Two Tips For Businesses Considering Installing Industrial Pallet Racks

by Christina Ferguson

Pallets are essential for many industrial enterprises that must regularly move large amounts of products and materials around the building. Unfortunately, these pallets can get in the way and pose a hazard when the are not in use. Fortunately, pallet racks can be installed to provide a convenient location to store these items when you are not needing them. However, there are many small business owners that may not be very familiar with these storage systems, and for these individuals, following these two tips can help ensure that you avoid common problems. 

Avoid Installing Pallet Racks Without Professional Help

While pallet racks can substantially reduce the clutter around your business, they can be somewhat expensive to install. As a result, there are some business leaders that may attempt to save money by having their employees perform this work. Unfortunately, this can be extremely risky, and it may result in substantial liabilities. 

Pallet racks must support a tremendous amount of weight, and if they are not properly assembled during installation, they can experience a damaging collapse. For example, older buildings may have walls that are incapable of supporting these racks, and if you do not have the training to spot this problem, you may connect the rack to the wall. When it becomes filled with pallets, this weight may cause the rack to pull away from the wall before crashing down. By hiring a professional to install your pallet rack system, you can help ensure that problems like these are avoided entirely. 

Inspect The Pallet Rack On A Monthly Basis

It is commonly thought that these racks require no maintenance to keep them in good condition, but this is not the case. Over the course of a day, these racks will be subjected to heavy use, and this can lead to warping or bending of the frame. This is particularly common for companies that make heavy use of forklifts because the driver may bump into the pallet rack without even noticing. 

To prevent structural problems stemming from damaged components, you should make it a point to thoroughly inspect these racks at least once a month. During this inspection, you should look for signs that the metal frame has become warped or bent in any areas, and if you find this problem, you will need to replace the damaged components as quickly as possible to eliminate the risk of a structural collapse injuring one of your workers. 

Industrial pallet rack systems can be the perfect way for you to keep your business organized. However, these systems are more complex than they may first appear, but following these two tips will help ensure that your pallet rack avoids these common issues. To find out more, contact a business like Certified Handling Systems.


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