Having Hope For Mold Remediation

Having Hope For Mold Remediation

Bathroom Expansion: No Need To Knock Out A Wall

by Christina Ferguson

Who doesn't want their bathroom to look and feel bigger? The obvious answer to this need is to knock out a wall and actually make it bigger. However, this is a major home renovation which might not be in the cards for the moment. With these tips, make your bathroom look and feel bigger without having to undergo major construction.

Glass Shower Doors

If you have a shower curtain, get rid of it. A shower curtain cuts off part of your room from view, making it seem even smaller. Instead, have a glass shower door or full glass shower enclosure installed. As Better Homes and Gardens points out, glass visually expands your space. A full enclosure is appropriate if you don't have a tub and shower combo. Otherwise, ask the contractors to install a shower door on a runner to minimize the amount of space used when you open it. To get a new glass shower door, call a company such as Clifton Mirror & Glass.

Floating Vanity

Another method to increase visual space is to install a floating vanity. A floating vanity is mounted on the wall and features space between the floor and the bottom of the installment. Another option is to put a furniture style vanity in place. For instance, look for a table with two or three shelves down below. The key is to keep the vanity looking light and open.

Built-In Storage

Add built-in storage to make your bathroom actually feel bigger by getting rid of the clutter. For instance, if you don't already have a niche for toiletries in the shower stall, consider having one built. Likewise, adding even shallow shelving into a wall provides space for your daily necessities. Add inserts to your already existent bathroom cabinetry so that it provides the storage solutions appropriate for your needs.


Similar to adding glass to your shower, mirrors also make the space look bigger. Not only do they mirror the actual space, but they refract light back into the bathroom. Place a decorative mirror so that it catches natural light. Likewise, consider replacing fixtures with mirror-like options such as chrome.

Light Palette

What besides light looks, well, light? A light-colored palette creates airiness in your bathroom. It's not necessary to go all white. Instead, think of the palette you want, and choose the lightened versions. For instance, if you want a beach design in your bathroom, start with a light sand base and add washed turquoise accents. Such a color palette still channels beach chic while increasing the visual space with its radiance.

Small changes, such as painting the walls and adding mirrors, coupled with larger updates, such as installing a glass shower enclosure, can make your bathroom feel as spacious as you've been wanting.


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