Having Hope For Mold Remediation

Having Hope For Mold Remediation

Understanding What May Be Causing Your Bathroom Sink To Clog

by Christina Ferguson

If you are having a lot of issues with your bathroom sink clogging up on you, there may be some things you are doing to cause it. Your drains and pipes are designed to handle a good amount of water flow going through them. However, they aren't designed to handle much else. This article will help you understand how some of the things you are doing may be causing your sink problems.

Shaving can create problems

If men in the house shave in the sink, it can cause problems with the sink clogging up. Many men fill the sink up with a little bit of water and put the hair clippings in the water. When they release the drain plug, the hairs can gather together in the drain and create a clog.

The best way for you to shave is to fill a cup up with water and dip the razor in the cup to rinse it off. Scoop out any hair that gets in your sink then turn on the water to rinse the little bit that's left down the drain.

Toothpaste can lead to clogs

If there are members of your family who leave gobs of tooth paste in the sink, those gobs can go down the drain and get stuck to the side. This will cause anything else that goes down the drain to stick to the toothpaste and stop up the sink. Toothpaste can stay in a solid form for a long time when it's not used for brushing.

Educate the members of your household on the importance of removing any dropped toothpaste and throwing it away in the trash, rather than allowing them to go down the drain of the sink.

What to do if your bathroom sink does clog

If you experience a stubborn clog in your bathroom sink that the sink plunger or hot water can't resolve, you may need to clean out the p-trap. The p-trap is the curved pipe under the sink.

To clean the p-trap, you want to shut off the water and place a bucket under the pipes. Loosen the connections to the curved pipe and remove it. Remove any plumbers tape off the ends and throw it away. Take the pipe outside and blast the debris out of it with your hose. Put plumber's tape on each end and put the pipe back in place.

If you continue having problems with your bathroom sink, you should have a professional plumber come out to investigate the issue.

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