Having Hope For Mold Remediation

Having Hope For Mold Remediation

What Causes Stress Cracks In Windows?

by Christina Ferguson

Stress cracks can form in windows for a variety of reasons. In some cases, knowing what causes stress cracks can help you prevent your own windows from cracking.

What causes stress cracks in windows?

Extreme, quick changes in temperature are one of the reasons that stress cracks can form. Another reason that stress cracks can occur is due to house settling and foundational movements. This is a more common problem when homes are first built, because houses can do a lot of settling in the first year after construction. Stress cracks can also occur when a window is slammed shut or when a window falls shut unexpectedly.

Why do extreme temperatures cause cracks to form?

Glass expands and contracts by small amounts as temperatures fluctuate. When glass temperatures change wildly and quickly, this can cause different parts of the glass to expand or contract at different rates, and that can cause stress cracks to form.

How can you prevent stress cracks from forming?

You can start by treating your windows gently. Close windows slowly (and teach your kids to do the same). Windows that fall shut may need the balance spring in the sash to be replaced. In this case, seek professional window repair. You can also prevent stress cracks from forming in your glass windows by buying glass that is resistant to developing these kinds of cracks. Thicker glass and tempered glass are less susceptible to developing stress cracks.

Are some windows more prone than others to cracking?

It's impossible to tell which windows might crack because of foundation settlement. However, you may be able to tell which windows will be susceptible to stress cracks due to temperature changes. Windows that are half shaded and half unshaded, like the windows that might appear under an overhang but near the edge of the building, are more likely to be exposed to sunlight and shade simultaneously. Windows in conditions like this, where half the glass is exposed to one type of temperature extreme and half the glass is exposed to another, are more likely to develop stress cracks because of temperature changes.

What should you do if your windows crack?

If your windows crack due to foundation settlement, have a contractor take a look at your house to ensure that your foundation movements aren't an indication of a larger problem. If your windows crack due to temperature extremes, look for a way to protect the windows from extreme temperatures. Planting a well-placed shrub nearby may help shade the window from the sun in the summer and insulate the window from cold in the winter. Once you've done what you can to prevent the same type of crack from forming in the future, contact a reputable glass repair company in your area to have the window fixed.


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