Having Hope For Mold Remediation

Having Hope For Mold Remediation

Three Ways To Use Artificial Turf In Your Backyard

by Christina Ferguson

Artificial turf makes an excellent alternative for anyone who doesn't like watering and maintaining natural grass, but it can also be great for many other reasons. Whether you only need a little bit of grass to suit your needs or you have a unique backyard setup, artificial turf can bring beauty and functionality to your property. Here are three unique ways to put artificial turf to use in your yard.

Children's Playground Areas

Artificial turf is just as soft as natural grass, and it is ideal for use under your jungle gym, swing set or playground area. Since it doesn't need to be cut like natural grass, you won't have to struggle to cut around the playground equipment. The natural drainage system lets rainwater flow through without creating a muddy mess that your kids can track back into your home. The turf also adds a lush green look to the playground area. This idea is perfect for backyards that have stone pavers, a large patio or a garden, as it lets you create a small patch of turf that doesn't need to be maintained as often as natural grass. Artificial turf doesn't require the use of fertilizers or chemicals, making it safe for your children to play on.  

Dog Runs

If your backyard space is limited, but you still want to give your pet a place to run around and do his business, an artificial turf dog run might be the perfect solution. The resilient composition of the turf means no more brown spots with dying grass on your lawn, and the drainage system works perfectly to keep your yard dry and beautiful. The turf isn't harmful to your pets, and it creates a beautiful look in your yard. Section off the dog run with brick or cement pavers, and train your dog to remain on the turf area when playing outside.

Landscaping Projects

Some landscaping projects add beauty to your property, but can be difficult to maintain. Patches of grass between stone pavers can be difficult to cut properly, leaving your handsomely designed lawn looking a bit overgrown. Artificial turf provides a beautiful green color without the constant watering and cutting that natural grass does. The turf is also ideal for places that have limited water access, such as California, so you can keep your landscaped area looking great without concerns about sprinkler and lawn-watering regulations.

Whether you use artificial turf for all of your property or just for a specific area, this grass alternative provides an excellent way to keep your property looking lush and vibrant without the costs of watering, lawn mowing or fertilizing.  


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