Having Hope For Mold Remediation

Having Hope For Mold Remediation

How Can You Maintain Your Garage Door Torsion Spring?

by Christina Ferguson

The garage door torsion spring is a large coil found just above your garage door. When the garage door is closed, the coil is tightly wound to produce upward force on the door. When garage door is opened, the coil unwinds until the garage door is lifted completely. This coil is what allows a person to open up the garage door without exerting a lot of force. The coil is doing the majority of the lifting, so the person below need only exert a relatively small force in order to give the door the push it needs to move up the track.

The torsion spring is under constant pressure from the weight of the door. If it's not taken care of properly, your garage door torsion spring could break down prematurely. Knowing how to maintain the spring can help you keep your garage door in proper working order.

Maintenance Method #1: Grease the Coil

Spray down the garage door spring with grease on an annual basis. Standard handyman lubricants will work, but if possible use lithium grease. This product is preferred because it doesn't gum or up build up in deposits on your spring over time.

To spray down the spring, use the spray can to spray the lithium grease over the coil in one simple sweep. Do not go back over the surface of the coil over and over again with the grease as this will cause the grease to build up on the coil. Over-greased springs may drip onto machines or people below.

Once the spring has been sprayed, open and close the garage door a few times to ensure that the grease works its way into the spring.

Maintenance Method #2: Cut Back Moisture

Watch for signs of water damage in the ceiling of your garage, and fix any roof leaks in your garage right away. Rust is the enemy of your torsion spring, and allowing the spring to be subjected to moisture can cause it to degrade quickly.

Maintenance Method #3: Get Regular Tune Ups

Have your garage door regularly maintained by a professional. He or she can tell when your torsion spring needs maintenance and may be able to assess when the spring needs replacement.

Because torsion springs are under constant pressure, even well-maintained springs eventually break. When this happens, call for a garage door spring repair company in your area like Dorsey Garage Doors​ to fix the spring and restore your garage door back to proper working order.


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