Having Hope For Mold Remediation

Having Hope For Mold Remediation

Three Unique Ideas For Meaningful Stained Glass Window Designs

by Christina Ferguson

Stained glass windows add unique beauty to your home, whether in the bathroom, living room, or even your bedroom. Some custom glass companies (like Wildwood Glass Company Inc) will design a stained glass window to order, meaning that you have a choice in what colors and patterns yours features. While you could certainly just choose a generic geometric pattern and a few colors that look pretty, it's nice to make your stained glass window design mean something. Here's a look at three ways to do that.

Design a window that incorporates your last name or initials.

If you have a short last name, you should be able to work it into the design of your stained glass. If you have a longer last name, you can work your initials into the piece. Perhaps you and your spouse have built a home together. Featuring both of your first initials in the stained glass is a good way to honor that. For instance, if your names are Jessica and Katherine, you could work the initials "J" and "K" into the piece. Place the initials (or name) in the center of the stained glass, and then build a simple geometric pattern around them, so the initials remain the star of the show.

For this type of stained glass window, it is wise to keep the canes (the raised portions between the glass segments) thin. This way, it will be easier to observe the detail of the initials.

Design a window that features a symbol of your favorite hobby.

What hobby or activity makes you feel most alive? Maybe you love riding horses, or perhaps growing flowers has special meaning to you. Creating a stained glass window that features a simple image associated with that hobby will make your home really feel like your own. If you have more than one favorite activity, see if the custom glass designer can find a way to work both into the glass. For instance, if you're an equestrian who likes gardening, an image of a horse galloping through flowers would be perfect.

When designing a custom glass window with a symbol of your hobby, choose the colors carefully. Remember that when the sun shines through the window, the colors of the glass will be case into the room. If your hobby symbol has a lot of neutral colors in it (like a soccer ball or horse might), incorporate some brighter colors into the border of the window so that the room does not look so dreary.

Design a window around your favorite song lyrics.

Can you think of some song lyrics that really inspire you or make your heart sing? What image do they cause to pop up in your mind? Maybe you and your custom glass designer can work together to create a stained glass window that depicts a simplified version of that image. For instance, if you really love "Strawberry Fields" by The Beatles, you may be able to design an image with a lot of greenery and a few strawberries. As with the above design ideas, ensure that your design includes a lot of bright colors and that the canes are kept thin so the design is easy to make out.

All stained glass windows are beautiful in their own right, but if you use one of the ideas above, you'll have a window that is not only beautiful, but also speaks to you. 


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