Having Hope For Mold Remediation

Having Hope For Mold Remediation

Differentiating Your Saw Blades To Separate Your Business From The Amateurs

by Christina Ferguson

There are certain marks of a well-established business that make themselves abundantly clear in a finished product, and hardly anywhere is this more true than in the construction world. Producing a high-end finished product means that your equipment has to be head and shoulders above what home hobbyists are doing, but many businesses try to scrimp by with the same equipment as a dad in his garage. When it comes to differentiating your business from amateurs and making your work look legit, there are several steps you have to take, and one of these is to differentiate your saw blades for a more finished product. 

The Problem

Combination blades are commonly used by smaller carpentry operations and home woodworkers due to their convenience and ease of use; they allow for one blade to be used for a variety of applications. However, this fact means that combination blades fall victim to the old adage of a jack of all trades being a master of none. A combination blade does a decent job of both crosscutting and ripping, but can't hold a candle to specialized blades for either application. Therefore, in order to separate your business from the amateurs, you're going to have to kiss your beloved combination blades goodbye, but this transition often isn't a big one for larger construction companies. 

Making the Switch

Unlike many transitions among tools in the construction world, switching saw blades is fairly seamless and can be done with only a brief introduction lecture to your team about their "new" tools. If you have two or more circular saws, then the issue of switching blades over the course of the day is solved, since you can now designate one saw for crosscutting and one for ripping. It should be made apparent to your employees that these saws will cut at different speeds, so a demonstration should be shown to all of your employees on each saw to illustrate the differences. 

If your business uses two or more circular saws with combination blades, then the quality of your product might be suffering without you even knowing it. Making the switch to job-specific blades will provide you with a cleaner product ten times out of ten, since these blades use only the part of a combination blade that was designed for either crosscutting or ripping. Combination blades, on the other hand, use teeth for both applications on the same blade, yielding a product that is serviceable but far less than ideal for either job. 

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Having Hope For Mold Remediation

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