Having Hope For Mold Remediation

Having Hope For Mold Remediation

Don't Be Aloof About Ponding On Your Roof ~ Understanding The Reasons And Resolutions For This Phenomenon

by Christina Ferguson

Do you have a flat roof installed on your property? If so, it may be at risk of roofing damages due to ponding water. Ponding may occur after events such as heavy rains, storms or melted snow. It can cause a variety of issues such as the growth of algae or other types of vegetation, trapped debris and contaminants in the roofing membrane, or deformed roofing decks. The following are potential causes of ponding water and possible ways to correct them to avoid the negative results.

Scuppers and Drains

When scuppers and drains are properly installed, they effectively drain water away from rooftops. However, improper installations negatively impact drainage and, in some cases, may cause a blockage. A small blockage area may retain a significant amount of ponding water after a major precipitation event such as heavy rains. Installing new tapered insulation or making adjustments to existing insulation may correct this type of drainage issue. The goal is to redirect the drainage and discourage blockages. 

Damaged Roofing Insulation

Your roofing insulation may become damaged due to issues with the roofing materials that allow the insulation to become soaked. Once the material is exposed to excessive amounts of water, it may compress. If the area dries out properly shortly thereafter, then the insulation may return to its natural state. However, if it does not dry out and more rainwater or precipitation continues to collect in the area, indentations may form. These indentations are markers for where ponding will occur on affected roofs. The areas of damaged roofing insulation can be repaired by removing the damaged insulation and replacing it. This is an issue that will need to be monitored by a professional roofer because it may require additional remediation. For example, if you get the known areas of damage repaired and new indentations appear, you may have a drainage issue that is causing water to settle in the insulation of your roof. 

Skylights or Rooftop Units (RTUs)

If there are skylights or HVAC units on your rooftop, your property may be more susceptible to ponding water due to water lingering around these structural additions. A quick-fix for this type of ponding issue is to install crickets, which are triangular-shaped pieces of tapered insulation. The placement of the crickets is essential because the goal of installing them is to redirect water so that it does not pool in these areas. 

A roof repair company is the best resource to use to determine whether your roof is at risk for ponding damages or if it already has damages that have gone undetected. They can determine whether your  property could benefit from a roofing repair or a new roof replacement. For more information and assistance with repair, contact a local roof repair company, such as McCullers Roofing.


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Having Hope For Mold Remediation

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