Having Hope For Mold Remediation

Having Hope For Mold Remediation

Ideal Locations To Place Rubber Mulch In Your Yard

by Christina Ferguson

If you've seen rubber mulch at your local home supply store and have been intrigued about its use, one of the many benefits of this product is that it can successfully be used in a variety of locations throughout your yard. Whether you buy the product and put it down yourself or hire a landscaping service to take care of the job for you, you can benefit from the addition of rubber mulch in several key areas, due to its versatility and multiple advantages. Here are some locations throughout your yard that are ideal for rubber mulch.

Under Where Your Children Play

Rubber mulch has a soft, spongy nature, which makes it ideal to place beneath where your children play. If your kids have a jungle gym, for example, placing a couple inches of the mulch below the play area will help to cushion the fall if your kids slip off the structure and tumble to the ground. Ideally, because of absorbing the impact from the fall, the rubber mulch will help to keep your children safe from injuries. Additionally, the rubber mulch won't lead to slivers in your children's bare feet or hands in the same manner that standard wood mulch could.

In Your Flower Or Vegetable Gardens

Weeding a flower or vegetable garden is one of the regular jobs that can take up a significant amount of your time over the summer. If you're looking to make your garden chores easier, surrounding the plants with rubber mulch can quell the grow of weeds and grass, especially when you also add landscaping cloth underneath. It might initially seem as though rubber mulch and a garden make for an odd pairing, but the reality is that the natural look of the rubber mulch will simply make the garden look as though it's covered with wood chips.

On Your Paths

Many people put down wood mulch on paths throughout their yards, but doing so can often require a significant amount of maintenance due to the wood mulch breaking down and needing to be replaced. Rubber mulch is a better choice for paths through your yard because it lasts longer and also because it's pleasant to walk on. Whereas wood mulch can be sharp and hard underfoot, rubber mulch has a surprising amount of springiness, which can be nice if you're walking in your barefoot or if you're using shoes that don't provide much cushioning for your feet, such as flip-flops.

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