Having Hope For Mold Remediation

Having Hope For Mold Remediation

Is Your Air Conditioner Suffering From Water Leaks? Install A Condensate Overflow System

by Christina Ferguson

Air conditioner water leaks usually increase the rate at which the unit's housing rusts. Water leaking out of your air conditioner can also cause extensive damage to valuables such as furniture and wood flooring. If your air conditioner unit is installed in the roof area, any water leaks could end up causing wooden roof structures to rot, something that may then compromise its structural integrity.

To help the damage that potential air conditioner water leaks can cause, air conditioners usually come fitted with a condensate drainage system. However, there are times when this system fails as a result of complications that arise due to condensate drain line clogging or poor installation. This makes having a failsafe important. One of the most reliable failsafes is a condensate overflow system. The following are ways through which such a system will help to protect your home from water damage.

It will keep water from flowing onto your unit's housing

A condensate overflow system is made up of a condensate overflow tray and a condensate overflow switch. This tray serves as a secondary condensate collector as it helps collect any water that overflows from the condensate collector tray. This secondary role usually comes in handy in cases where there is an increase in environmental humidity or when there is an overwhelming water inflow from melting evaporator coil ice. In such cases, it is common for the condensate drainage system to get overwhelmed. Having a condensate overflow tray step in therefore goes a long way towards preventing the condensate from flowing onto the unit's housing. This usually helps to prevent rusting, extending the lifespan of the unit while also preserving its aesthetic appeal.

It will switch off the air conditioning system

The condensate overflow switch usually steps in in cases where even the intervention of the condensate overflow tray isn't enough to prevent a water leak. An example is when the water generated from the melting of evaporator coil icing produces enough water to not only overwhelm the condensate drainage system, but also fill the condensate overflow tray. In such a case, if the air conditioner continues to run—something that leads to the formation of even more condensate—the damage caused by the resulting water leak will be extreme.

The condensate overflow switch is usually triggered when the water flowing into the condensate overflow tray reaches a certain level. When this happens, this switch turns off the air conditioner, limiting the extent of water damage. For more information or assistance, contact an expert in AC services.


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