Having Hope For Mold Remediation

Having Hope For Mold Remediation

Getting Historic Home Windows Professionally Restored

by Christina Ferguson

Did you purchase an old house that is in need of being fixed up? If the house is one that is historic, it is wise to keep as many of the original features as possible. The reason why is because the house will not be as valuable if you incorporate too many modern features. For instance, if there is anything wrong with the original windows, getting them restored is an ideal thing to do. This article explains a few of the things that a restoration company can do to restore the original windows in your house.

Remove Hard Water Stains

Sometimes cleaning windows only leads to the glass looking worse, which is a problem that many homeowners experience. The reason why is because hard water runs through the plumbing system in most homes, unless there is a treatment system in place. Hard water is able to leave behind large amounts of minerals on the glass and cause them to look dirty. The minerals produce what is called limescale, and a glass restoration company can get rid of it by using commercial products.

Get Rid of Air Leaks Around Frames

If there is a draft coming through some of the windows, it doesn't mean that replacing them is necessary. It is possible that the draft is a result of the frames needing some attention. The types of repairs that are needed depends on which material the frames are constructed of. For instance, if the frames are metal like they are in most old houses, a restoration company might simply have to straighten out bent areas.

Get Rid of Dried Up Paint

A common reason why some people replace their home windows is because there is a substantial amount of paint on them. No matter how much paint is on the glass, it is likely that a restoration company can remove it. Tools will be used to gently scrape the paint off of the glass. If there are any scratches left behind after the paint is scraped off, they can be removed to create a smooth surface.

Remove Chips in the Glass

Chips in glass can cause them to be unappealing, which is what leads to some homeowners replacing their windows. A glass restoration company will be able to remove any chips that are present in the glass. The glass will look smooth and there might not be any signs that the chips were ever present. Contact a restoration company like Allied Glass & Mirror so they can assist with bringing some appeal back to your historic windows.


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Having Hope For Mold Remediation

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