Having Hope For Mold Remediation

Having Hope For Mold Remediation

Installing And Maintaining Automatic Doors In Your Business

by Christina Ferguson

Pretty common these days, automatic doors make it easier for customers to get in and out of your business. The convenience of not having to open the door with an armload of bags or other items in their hands can be very helpful. If you have an older building that does not have automatic doors installed, there are still options to get them fitted.

Installing Automatic Doors

Whether you are building a new building or in an older one that you purchased previously, installing a set of automatic doors is not difficult. In fact, door companies replace commercial doors every day and upgrading them to automatic doors is just a matter of adding some parts to make the door open and close when it needs to. The doors ou have might not need to be replaced of the hardware for automatic opener can be added to it. In new construction, the doors are built into the plan and are no different than installing any door while the building is still in the construction phase.

How Automatic Doors Work

The older automatic doors used a sensor under a rubber mat that was placed on the inside and outside of the door. They were pressure sensitive and worked pretty well but as time went on and technology improved, so did the trigger for these doors. The newest doors on the market use a sensor that tracks movement in front of the door, triggering it to open when someone approaches it. Once the door is triggered, a motor on the opener is engaged and the door opens. It will stay open as long as there is some movement in front of it and then close after a short delay after the movement stops.

Upkeep Or Maintenance Of Your Doors

Like any commercial door, your automatic doors are going to require adjustment and maintenance over time. The closer can wear and need adjustments, the electrical components should be inspected, and the door should be checked for damage. If the door stops working, you will need to have a repairman come out and diagnose the problem so that the door can be fixed properly It is not a good idea to try and fix the door yourself because the parts that make the door work could be damaged if they are adjusted improperly. Keep the tracks clean and turn the opener off if it starts acting up so that it is not damaged while you wait for service.

Sliding Or Swinging Doors

The style door that you choose for your business is up to you. Sliding doors are popular because they don't take up much room. The traditional swinging door is becoming less common but is still a good option if that is the style you want to use. The maintenance and care are pretty much the same for either style.


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Having Hope For Mold Remediation

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